Southern Oregon's
Triathlon Training Company


Southern Oregon's
Triathlon Training Company


Southern Oregon's
Triathlon Training Company


Anytime you are facing a challenge in your life;
it is always best to ask for help.
Your fitness goals are no exception.





For many people, fitness goals are their greatest challenge.
Thankfully, Rogue Tri Performance is here to help!

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness and overall health or you want to train for a Triathlon with southern Oregon’s only USAT Certified Triathlon Coach – Rogue Tri Performance has got you covered.

I believe that all people of all fitness levels can benefit from working one-on-one with an experienced and highly-qualified coach. I am passionate about motivating others to set challenging goals and reach them!

Regardless of what your goals are – fitness is a lifestyle and having an expert guide you through the transition from one level to the next is essential to success.

My job as your coach is to help you to set goals that are challenging but realistic. To help you navigate and overcome any obstacles that you run into. And, to provide education and support along your journey.

My coaching style can be summed up in one word: collaboration


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When we work together, you will receive a fitness plan that is uniquely designed for you and your goals PLUS the support you need to realize those goals!


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